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  “If you get killed – walk it off,”
  Captain America, Avengers: Age of Ultron

At The Fall Guy we have an understanding of the pressures of Production and the art of Direction.  There’s no ‘resting’ with us, so when not busy ‘Stunting’ our creative bent drives us to Produce and Direct our own pieces under the banner of Sugar Glass Productions.  This gives us an invaluable understanding of the many and varied aspects and considerations you face making your film. We aim to work with you to make the process of capturing the action sequences and stunts you need for your production as pain free (for you) as possible.  We’ll take the fall for you and we’ll make you look great at the same time – that’s our job, that’s what we do.



Safety doesn’t happen by accident and at The Fall Guy safety is always on our mind. Every life is important and we work to keep all of the cast and crew safe. Having enjoyed or endured many a ‘knock’ himself, Roy is in no rush to inflict them on others. Roy endeavours to make sure all stunt and action sequences are carried out in as safe a manner as possible. You can rest assured that we will take the relevant precautions to minimise the risks to our team and protect your production’s cast and crew.


Roy’s made his first big career move at the tender age of seven when he started Karate training and decided that he would become a Stunt Man. He trained hard and made it onto the illustrious list of the British JISC Equity Stunt Register in 2005. At performing arts college and as an athlete in various disciplines, Roy has developed the many skills required to perform stunts on screen and has thoroughly enjoyed his time at the stunt school of hard knocks. To fund his training Roy took to various jobs and found he had a real affinity for security work. Initially as a doorman, Roy bore witness to real people in real fights on the streets and in bars every night, and he is now able to use this experience to bring a great realism to his fight choreography.


Roy has a calming quality about him and as a close protection operative has looked after celebrities and VIPs in a variety of threatening situations. Now, as then, Roy uses his amiable and calming demeanor to reassure anxious actors and set them at ease, whilst keeping them safe. Roy really enjoys being part of an effective team and as a covert surveillance team leader and later as manager of his own security firm, Roy’s people management skills became well honed and are put to good use on set. Likened to the Honey Badger for his fearless attitude, in all things, Roy generally punches above his weight – and kicks above his height!


Anouska began working with Roy initially to establish him as a film and television Stunt Performer and later incorporating ‘The Fall Guy Ltd’ in 2012. Her previous experience was predominantly in events management where she created and delivered conference and networking events for a financial sector market leader in Central London and a National Association. The organisation, planning, budgeting and logistical skills she brings to the team guarantees the show gets on the road. Anouska has worked supporting Roy since 2005, casting her eye for detail over everything and adding a touch of finesse here and there.



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